Why is 409 stainless steel the best choice for wood furnaces?

When it comes to the selection of which steel to use in the

manufacture of our furnaces we feel there is only one choice. 409

stainless steel provides the longest life coupled with the greatest

cost effectiveness. Here are a few of it’s fine qualities:


Heat Tolerance

409 Stainless Steel can withstand continuous temperatures of up

to 1400° F to give the furnace a long life. No other steel used in

wood furnaces can withstand anything over 800° F.

Corrosion Resistance

Stainless Steel has chromium oxide film layered on to keep oxygen

from penetrating and corroding the material (rusting). Mild steel

will start slowly corroding away from the first day of it’s use.


Heat Transfer

409 Stainless Steel has the best heat transfer capability of any

stainless steel used in wood furnaces.



409 stainless steel was designed and developed for high

temperature situations like your furnace firebox.


Thermal Expansion/Warping

409 Stainless Steel outperforms all other stainless steels used in

wood furnaces having a very low expansion rate.

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